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Product Data Sheet
Extended Warranties

PROFESSIONAL® Water Sealant is recognized as an industry standard by architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners for its superior, above-grade, waterproofing capabilities. It is an extremely long lasting, penetrating, waterproofing product formulated by using silicone rubber.
Don't Risk Costly Call Backs ...
Use the Proven Winner
   Silicone Rubber Formulation
   Inorganic and non-sacrificial so it doesn't break down due to the elements.
   Dries to a clear, flat finish... Won't alter the natural beauty of the substrate.
   Quick Drying
   Cures for foot traffic within 2 hours.
   Seals Any Porous Substrate
   Developed for use on above grade horizontal and vertical surfaces such as: brick, block, concrete, stone, wood, canvas, and terra cotta.
   Meets Regulatory Requirements
   EPA, FDA, USDA, and VOC compliant.
   Easy to Apply
   Spray, roll, or brush.

Your Project Deserves a Silent Partner That is Still Working Years After the Job is Complete
   Long Lasting Waterproofing Protection
   Penetrates into the capillary system to permanently bond with the substrate.
   Durable... Non-Sacrificial
   Because silicone rubber is inorganic, there is no deterioration from ultraviolet rays, ozone, salt spray, acid rain, etc.
   400% Elongation
   Expands and contracts with building movements and temperature extremes... bridges hairline cracks.
   Breathable... High Perm Rate
   Allows moisture vapor to escape while prohibiting liquid penetration... prohibits freeze/thaw damage.
   5 & 10 Year Extended Warranties Available
   If the product fails, we replace it at no cost to you.

Available in Three Formulations
   Regular Strength
   Brick, Concrete, Granite, Terra Cotta
   Extra Strength
   Very Porous Brick and Concrete, Seasoned Wood, Stucco, Adobe, Sandstone, Limestone
   Super Strength
   Split Face, Fluted, Smooth Masonry Block