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building specialties - manufacturers representatives since 1990 - e-building product marketing specialist

the New Architectural Accent

Committed to the local southern california architectural and building industry, and serving shareholders on both sides of the procurement process.  

Integrating our local market know how and our industry savy, with cutting edge e-commerce technology, completes the buying process and ensures a successful partnership between buyer and seller in the e-commerce buying chain.

The Global strategies now possible via internet e-commerce procurement portals, are no substitutions for localized product and project representations.  Serving both the manufacturers and the client - and integrating the complex nuances of local construction cycles and practices, Architectural Accent works with all parties to see that materials are  properly
specified and integrated into the building and/or engineering projects.

With over 60 years of expereince managing and marketing building systems to end users and the design community, Architecural Accent is well posistioned to ensure the smooth ordering and delivery of necessary products - as well as overseeing the proper utilization of building materials for a given construction project.  

Architects and specifiers,  allow Architectural Accent the opportunity to source out your products with your design staff early, to ensure the right products are detailed and specified. We understand the dynamics of building product manufacturers and can save your staff countless hours in research and integration of the desired materials.

Architectural Accent is on the cutting edge of new product developments and innovations, working with hundreds of building product manufacturers worldwide - assisting them in thier early product development processess, in addition to teaming up with the industry leaders in new product  technology and reporting.

Building Product Manufacturers - let us evaluate your new products and assist you in your market research. We also offer various alliance and partnership programs which you can benefit by through our extensive network of e-commerce links and affiliates. Contact our new-product support team for additional information on services and for our various cost tables  - at