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             Quieter More Energy Efficient

"Good bye, fiberglass. Hello, Icynene!" ... High Praise from the Pros at This Old House
The Icynene Insulation System ™ is among This Old House Magazine’s list of “Products that Work.”
The magazine, based on the renowned home improvement TV show, cited Icynene as among those
products that show up on the show time and time again because, “they work so well that no one
on the show would think of building without them.”

The article noted Icynene’s efficiency, superior moisture control and sound proofing qualities.
Icynene was used on the national program again this season – its 7th appearance – in a
Billerica, Massachusetts home that was completely re-built after being destroyed by fire.

Read about some of the benefits of Icynene

In independent tests, the Icynene Insulation SystemTM significantly improved indoor air quality.
The EPA recently rated indoor air pollution as one of the five most urgent environmental issues,
accounting for over $1 billion in direct health care costs each year.

The poor quality of indoor air is being blamed on a lack of proper ventilation and the building
materials often used in homes, schools and offices. As a result, a new generation of healthy
building materials is being developed to help reduce the pollutants released into indoor air -
and leading the pack is IcyneneTM.

Of all the building materials used in a newly constructed building, i             can have a major,
long-term impact on the quality of the indoor air you and your family breathe. And with 40% of
North American households having at least one family member who suffers from allergies or
asthma, attaining maximum indoor air quality can be a major concern.

In independent tests, IcyneneTM improved indoor air quality significantly. It creates a comfortable
draft-free, condensation-free environment in a single application. By sealing out dust, allergens,
odors and pollutants, Icynene allows the air management system to be designed so that the
indoor air quality is healthier than outside air. It does not emit gases or odors and offers no
support to bacteria or fungus. An IcyneneTM insulated environment is highly recommended for those
suffering from allergies, respiratory problems and chemical sensitivities.

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If you're interested in becoming an Icynene dealer, download our Dealer Application form, print it out, fill it in, then fax it to:

905-890-7784 or return it by mail to:
Sam McConnell, Dealer Development Icynene, Inc.
5805 Whittle Road Suite 110,
Mississauga, ON

L4Z 2J1

Architectural Accent supports eco friendly building product manufacturers and recognizes Icynene
as one of the leaders in the march towards sustainable architecure and building product
technology.  For additional new information and the latest news on Green Building Technology
go the New World Builders Website

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