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Carlisle Syntec

History Page

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Primary Products: Rubber (EPDM) and plastic (TPO) membranes used predominantly
on non-residential flat roofs in place of traditional asphalt based products.
Related roofing accessories, including flashings, fasteners, sealing tapes,
coatings and waterproofings. Sealants and coatings for various applications.

Markets: Sheeting for non-residential new construction, re-roofing and roof
maintenance markets. Sealants and coatings for roofing, general construction,
industrial and maintenance markets.


   Began in September, 1917 as Carlisle Tire and Rubber Company producing automobile inner tubes.
   In the late 1930s, due to financial strain caused by the Depression, turned all stock over to its largest shareholder, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.
   In 1943, Pharis Tire and Rubber Company purchased Carlisle Tire and Rubber Company for $330,000 to keep up with wartime orders.
   After devastating losses in 1948, the Board of Directors of Pharis liquidated the company to stockholders and officially renamed the company Carlisle Corporation, transferring the assets and business of it's brake lining factory, Molded Materials to the new corporation.
   After the tubeless tire was introduced in the 50s, demand for inner tubes decreased and Carlisle began to acquire a variety of other companies.
   The 1960s brought Carlisle into such products as roofing materials, insulated wire, baby food jar sealant rings, aerospace and electronic products, recreational tires and automotive accessories and brake linings.
   In the 1970s, Carlisle further diversified its efforts by entering into the commercial foodservice and computer peripherals markets. Headquarters were moved from Carlisle, Pennsylvania to Cincinnati, Ohio and its "Sure-Seal" roofing system began a rapid penetration of the commercial, low-slope roofing market.
   Restructured the company in 1986 as Carlisle Companies Incorporated to convey the breadth of its holdings in a multiplicity of industries. Later that decade, headquarters were moved to Syracuse, New York under new management poised to provide a unified core competency by concentrating on Carlisle's three successful operating segments; Construction Materials, Transportation Products and General Industry.
   Divested of data communications and electronics operations in early 1990s to redirect efforts toward top line growth, both internally and through acquisitions.
   Current success is evidenced by total sales in Carlisle's three operating segments surpassing the $1.0 billion in 1996 and continuing the trend with 1998 total sales of $1,517.5 billion.
   Recent attentions have been focused on international operations, including offices in Europe, Hong Kong and Mexico.